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What is Japan Cryonics Association ?

 JCA (Japan Cryonics Association) was formed in 1998 by several Japan-based members who are interested in cryonics. Our goals are to widely disseminate cryonics information in Japan, to provide cryonics services in Japan, and eventually, to allow cryonics to take root in the Japanese society.


 What is cryonics?

 Cryonics performs medical procedure to dead patient's body as soon as legal death is pronounced. It is a technique that makes the body withstand extremely low temperature. It preserves the body at -196 C for the day when the patient hopes to be revived in future.
JCA is deeply interested in cryonics, because it is a technology that tries to overcome the biggest challenge in recorded human history - immortality. It might change humans completely. For this reason, people in Japan still have wrong perceptions on cryonics.

 This website was made to disseminate correct and timely information on cryonics in Japanese. We are also going to introduce possible requirements to receive cryonics services in Japan.