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Write Your Own History

Cryonics and personal history - these two seem to be totally unrelated. However, personal history writing is a very important job for cryonicists, who want to be resuscitated in future.

In cryonics, you have to rely on people of the future for resuscitating you. Even if you have a contract with a cryonics organization, your contract is not technically effective, because you are legally "dead" while you are cryopreserved. Alcor and CI have declared that, as cryonics organizations, their mission is to resuscitate all the cryopreserved patients. Their staff has been working hard to carry out the mission. However, their agreements with patients can allow them to stop cryopreservation anytime depending on their financial situations.

Nevertheless, if future society is a sustainable, affluent society where human rights are protected, Alcor, CI or their successors will surely resuscitate you. Therefore, we believe that, before we are cryoprocessed, we have to work hard to create a sustainable and affluent society. Writing your personal history is a way to show the process of such a hard work you have made.

If people of the future read your personal history, they might see you as an attractive person, who had worked hard to create their society. A shortcut to resuscitation is to impress them. That way, you might be better accepted in the future society. That is why it is important.

You do not have to try to show off your achievements. Our capabilities might not be really wanted by people of the future. However, our experiences might be valuable to them. That is why we want to work hard and sincerely. You do not have to work too much. Worn-out people might not look attractive to people of the future. Fellow cryonicists! Let's work for the betterment of future, live life to the fullest, and write your personal history!

Hikaru's Column: An Invitation to My Requiem Project

Writing personal history is not the only way to show your personal charm to people of the future. For this purpose, I personally have been working on a project. It is not something that anybody can do, so I am making this a column.

I will probably be resuscitated in a future society where people die only in accidents. Therefore, people of the future might find the value of arts inspired by human death - art pieces that were created in a society where everybody was destined to die.

For this reason, I have been practicing how to sing requiems of all ages and countries. I now know how to conduct most of the songs. Performance by people who actually know the fear of death will be greatly needed in a future society. Collaboration between those who know fears of death and those who have never felt fears of death will be very interesting.

If you are interested, please join me in practicing death-related music.