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@Why Cryonics Now?

Cryopreservation and future resusitation of human bodies - why are we working on such an ambitious attempt?

We do want to avoid death, but cryonics is not for immortality. It tries to pause the flow of time and lets you resume your life in future. As long as nobody can become immortal, we see cryonics as the best choice for us to "travel" to future when immortality will be realized.

This is what we aiming for:

"Work together on cryonics for a better future of mankind!"

It has been about 2,000 years since humans established ethics and moral values that we believe currently. Especially, the last 200 years saw a rapid development of science, through which human beings gained great power. Nevertheless, there still are wars, human rights abuse, and environmental destruction. In order to solve the problems, people are still discussing from different viewpoints.

We are wondering if we can add the following viewpoint to the discussions:

"Nobody cares about future, because people think it's for somebody else. If it belongs to them, they want to care."

I still remember a four-frame comic strip on global warming.
In the comic strip, a scientist shows corporate executives how the earth will look like in future.
He says, "This is how it looks like during your grandchildren's generations."
The executives start murmuring, "Really?" "That's terrible."

Then, the scientist enthusiastically stresses, "It's going to be like this in 100 years!"
The executives just say, "Ho?" or "Aha."
The scientist feels depressed with their indifferent reactions.
Don't you think this cartoon is making the point?

We have been trying to encourage as many people as possible to think about and do something for human future, by showing them an option to "actually live in a distant future". If more people believe in this possibility, we may be able to work together and create a better future.