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 Possible Cryonics Services in Japan

What JCA is able to currently provide to residents in Japan

Referral to CI (Cryonics Institute)

 There are many cryonics service providers available in the U.S. Europe has such providers, too. However, there is only one program that JCA recommends with confidence.

That is a program provided by CI and SA (Suspended Animation). In this program, patient becomes a CI member as his days are numbered and move to the U.S. His body will be processed by SA's state-of-the-art technology and will be preserved in CI's long-term cryopreservation storage.

SA has the best vitrification technology. It strongly recommends cryonics procedures immediately after legal death. It has established a system to support all the procedures. JCA wants to establish such a support system in Japan. At present, there is no way for us to realize such a system, due to many challenges including its limited financial resources.

 To be honest, this program is costly. But it has much higher potential for revival than any other services. At a rough estimate, this program requires the following costs:

 - Membership: $1,250
 - Long-term Cryopreservation: $28,000 (Cost until revival)
- Stand-by for Terminal Stage: $4,500 for 3 days per technician, $2,000 per additional day

Pre-cryopreservation Procedure in Japan and Transportation to CI

 If vitrification is not needed, JCA can arrange pre-cryopreservation procedure in Japan. It is a relatively simple procedure because we only need a licensed practitioner of embalming - the art and science of aesthetically preserving human bodies for several months by exsanguinating and injecting chemicals into dead bodies. However, this method has a lower possibility for revival. Although JCA has never implemented this method, we already established a system to perform it. Necessary cost will be approximately 1.8 million yen, including a 1,250-dollar membership, 28,000-dollar long-term cryopreservation, cost of embalming in Japan, and transportation cost to CI in Michigan. JCA does not recommend the pre-cryopreservation procedure in Japan. However, we will try to help you if you strongly wish to be processed in Japan.