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December 2008
Hikaru's Interview has been posted onto The Immortal Interviews.
Please click this page.

September 2007
JCA translated the Wikipedia article on cryonics into Japanese.
The translation has been posted onto the Wikipedia Japan website.

December 2006
JCA website renovated.
Main contents added are: "Why Cryonics Now?" and "Possible Cryonics Services in Japan."

May 2005
CI (Cryonics Institute) members can now receive cryonics treatment from Suspended Animation.

April 2004
For our first prospective client in Japan, JCA roughly estimated for the pre-cryopreservation procedure in Japan. Unfortunately, the contract was not concluded.

January 2004
JCA heard from CI (Cryonics Institute) about CI's new experimental vitrification technology that might be completed in a year. CI asked us if we want to use the technology in Japan. We hurried to look for a staff embalmer and decided to work with a Canadian embalmer who lives in Japan.

July 2002
Kadokawa Shoten published the Japanese translation of "The First Immortal."

June 2002
JCA published a Japanese summary of a Cryonics Magazine's article on vitrification.

January 2002
The first cryonics company in Japan, Forever, was founded.

July 2001
JCA exchanged opinions with CI about possible cryonics services for residents in Japan.

May 2001
JCA translated Saul Kent's article on the website of Live Extension Foundation.

August 2000
A publisher in Japan made a commitment with JCA to translate and publish "The First Immortal."
This is the first major project for JCA.

May 1999
JCA started publishing e-mail newsletters.

April 1999
On Alcor's request, JCA wrote a book review for an article on cryonics in Bridge USA, a Japanese paper for Japanese residents in California.

March 1999
JCA published a Japanese summary of 21CM workshops in November 1998.

October 1998
JCA started its website

September 1998
Alcor-related people in Japan gathered in Ebisu and started the Japan Cryonics Association (JCA).